Chemical Cleaning and Steam Blowing

What We Offer?

We offer a full range of services related to chemical cleaning, preservation, and steam blowing of equipment, such as: water boilers, steam boilers, power boilers, steam pipelines, as well as new and upgraded power installations. We have authorization for chemical repairs of equipment under technical supervision (no. CH-30-50/1-14).

Range of Services

Our offer includes:

Technical condition analysis of the device,

Development of a technological instruction,

Design of auxiliary installations,

Supply of pumps, tanks, and other necessary elements for mounting auxiliary installations,

Assembly of the aforementioned installations,

Delivery of chemicals for the cleaning process,

Implementation of the cleaning process,

Dismantling of the auxiliary installation,

Preparation of acceptance documentation.

Why Is It Worth It?

Proper cleanliness of the surfaces of technical devices is crucial for their efficient operation. Contaminants on the internal surfaces of devices can lead to:

Corrosive processes both during operation and during device downtime,

Reduced heat exchange efficiency,

Reduced flow of the medium, caused by a reduction in the flow cross-section due to contaminants,

Risks for technological processes in the industry.

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