Commissioning of power equipment

Commission is the last stage of the investment, which starts right after finalization of assembly and lasts until handing over for exploatation of the power equipment. Comissionning cosists of following steps:

Energotherm Rozruch offers comprehensive commissioning services for power equipment such as:

Our superior goal is to reach technologically established parameters and to maintain top ecological, economic and safety precautions.

This goal can be reached by:


Preparation for commissioning

Preparation for commissiong is the first stage of the process. Technological nods and commission organisation, which includes commission range, principles of cooperation, required documentation and detailed work schedule are being defined during this step.

Takeover after assembly to commission

Formal takeover of technological nods by mechanical, electrical and AKPiA industries is executed after verification of correct installation by commissioning crew. Since after the crew takes full responsibility of the object and becomes temporary user with the possibillity of working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

“Cold” functional tests

Devices are being prepared for individual tests and first launch in no-load condition during “cold” functional tests. Every step of the process is documented according to the template. Fundamental commissioning activities are:

a) pre-commissioning acid cleaning,
b) verifying installation under completeness and correctness of assembly,
c) designation and virtual visualisation of test points,
d) checking turbines direction of rotation and test launch,
e) electric installation and devices overview,
f) functional tests of controlling, signalling, locks and switchgear protection,
g) idle launch with dynamic and thermal control,
h) first launch with voltage indication,
i) switchgear SZR test,
j) launch and commission of measuring circuits, armature (valves, latches) and drive control,
k) functional test of measuring circuits, limit value check,
l) individual tests of each device,
m) completeness of control signas check,
n) visualisation of technological process correctness check.

“Hot” commissioning

“Hot” commissionig means first launch and complex tests under load condition, that is with use of process media in order to check if devices are working correct with each other. Fundamental “hot” commissioning activities are:

a) complex safety tests,
b) launch of units and sets of devices,
c) sequence control, security and regulation check,
d) complex unit tests,
e) leading all day work of switchgear and common devices,
f) power backup tests under load condition,
g) commissioning of installation in full range of load,
h) establishing assumptions for possible changes in control, safety and tuning process,
i) executing full range of commission tests for individual and sequence control system under normal load condition,
j) executing group control system and safety tests,
k) automatic tuning systems launch,
l) executing assembly and supervision,
m) disposing detected defects,
n) measuring circuit, control and tuning supervision.

”Hot” commissiong, depending of installation or device, begins with:

  • first load on eletrical circuit,
  • idle and load condition commissioning,
  • first use of process media.


During this stage we are checking every standard and auxiliary devices in full range of load, then tune them so constant work with guaranteed parameters can be granted. Tuning activities consists of:

a) device tuning and optimalization,
b) optimalization of automatic tuning systems under variable load,
c) variable load tests,
d) instructioning of the exploatation service.

Trial run

Trial run is the last stage of commissioning, which confirms abillity of installation to work constantly, maintainig guaranteed parameters. Evaluation of the parameters is conducted both with indications from measuring systems and calculations from guarantee measurements. Fundamental trial run activities are:

a) maintaining constant work of installation,
b) supervision over devices and maintenance,
c) instructioning of the exploatation service.

Handing over for exploatation

Handing over for exploatation is unequivocal with commission termination. At this step final documentation is being made and object is handed over for target exploatation service.