Performance Test

Performance Test

We specialize in conducting performance test, thermal studies and measurements for clients in the energy, heating, chemical, refinery, and other industrial sectors. Our offerings focus on detailed analysis of power units, auxiliary devices, and thermal-mechanical systems. These activities aim to precisely determine key parameters, which allows for the assessment of technical conditions and verification of compliance with required specifications.

Our Services Include:

Performance tests of power installations

Vibration measurements of rotating equipment

Accredited measurements of emissions and concentrations of dust and gas pollutants (details)

Accredited noise measurements from devices and machines, environmental noise, and workplace noise (details)

Our Activities Focus on Conducting Specialized Measurements in Various Power installations and Devices, Including:

Power plants, combined heat and power plants, district heating plants, chemical and industrial plants

CCGT Units

Gas, biomass, coal, oil, and waste incineration plants

Gas and steam turbine

Waste incineration plants

Biogas plants

Gas compression stations

Piston engines


Multifuel installations cooperating with renewable energy sources

We Also Offer Comprehensive Measurement Services for Auxiliary Equipment and Installations, Such As:

– Pumps
– Compressors
– Fans
– Electrostatic precipitators
– Mills
– Heaters
– SNCR, SCR, and FGD systems

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