PV, energy storage, and waste disposal

Comprehensive Services in Renewable Energy and Waste Management

Discover the future of sustainable energy and responsible waste management with our innovative services. We offer comprehensive solutions for businesses and municipalities that not only contribute to environmental protection but also generate savings and promote green energy.

1. Photovoltaic Farms and Energy Storage

Our offer includes professional organization of investment processes in the design, construction, and operation of photovoltaic farms and energy storage with a connection power of over 1 MW. With extensive experience and the use of the most recent technologies, we provide solutions tailored to individual customer needs, effectively reducing energy costs and increasing energy independence.

2. Municipal Waste Processing

We specialize in processing stabilized municipal sewage sludge, according to waste code 19 08 05, using the R 10 method. Our services include land reclamation for forestry purposes, contributing to ecosystem regeneration and improving the quality of the natural environment. We offer comprehensive solutions resulting from close cooperation with local communities and authorities, considering legal regulations and the highest ecological standards.

3. Industrial Wastewater Disposal

We organize the transport and disposal of industrial wastewater, primarily from flushing processes. We ensure effective and safe methods of discharge at receiving stations, minimizing the impact of industrial wastewater on the environment. We collaborate with industrial plants to optimize processes and apply the best available techniques (BAT) to reduce waste and increase recovery.

Features of Our Services:

Individual approach to each customer

Flexibility in negotiations depending on the waste code and recovery/recycling process

High energy and ecological efficiency

Compliance with current legal and environmental regulations

Cooperation with experienced partners and experts in the industry

By choosing our services, you invest in the future and contribute to building a sustainable tomorrow. Contact us to learn more and to start a cooperation that will benefit both your business and the natural environment.

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