What We Offer?

We offer comprehensive services in the field of commissioning of power devices and facilities, such as:

Power units,

Energy and industrial boilers designed for various types of fuels, as well as waste heat boilers,

Steam, gas, and water turbines,

Auxiliary installations: flue gas denitrification systems, flue gas desulfurization systems, compressed air systems, pumping stations, water treatment stations,

Gas compressor stations.

Purpose of Commissioning

During the commissioning, our goal is to achieve specific technological and production parameters while maintaining the highest standards in ecology, economy, and safety. We place a strong emphasis on the meticulous and thorough preparation of the commissioning documentation. From the onset of our operations, our priority is to ensure a smooth and faultless handover of the facility for operation within a predetermined time frame, while simultaneously providing comprehensive training for O&M staff.

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