Electrical Measurements and Acceptance

What We Offer?

Quality and safety of electrical installations are key to effective and reliable operation. We specialize in providing electrical installation measurement and acceptance services. We are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and a team of qualified specialists who combine experience with a passion for electricity. The measurements we conduct include:

Protection and Automation:

Testing protection automation by forcing current on the secondary side.

Testing ATSE system automation.

Testing overcurrent circuit breakers.

Testing automatic reclosers.

Testing sectionalizers.

Testing protection relays:


Static (electronic).

Current and Voltage Transformers:

Polarity checking.

Magnetization characteristic plotting.

Transformer measurements.

Load measurements.

Winding resistance measurements.

Winding polarity test.

Characteristic and Parameter Measurements:

High current measurements (up to 7000 A).

Contact resistance of switches at normal working value.

Short circuit loop impedance, also in circuits with RCD breakers.

RCD breaker parameters.

Insulation resistance with voltage up to 2500V.

Earth resistance (three-wire method).

Continuity of protective and equilibrating connections.

Phase sequence test.

Distribution Boards and Systems:

Checking the signaling of the SCADA system and measured values.

Cable checking.

Other Measurements:

Earthing grids measurements.

Resistance measurement with current up to 100 A.

Winding resistance measurement of transformers, motors, and other devices with current up to 100 A.

Measurement of voltage drops of the main contacts of the circuit breaker.

Acceptance and maintenance of electrical power stations and stations related to electrical energy production.

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